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Spider Veins


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Spider veins might make you feel self-conscious and become an aesthetic problem. Fortunately, skilled vascular surgeon and specialist Michael Gioscia, MD, has solutions. At Vein Institute of Westchester in West Harrison, New York, Dr. Gioscia devises personalized treatment plans utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies and vein treatments. Most treatments can be performed quickly and conveniently in-office without any downtime and with impressive results. Get rid of your spider veins and call Vein Institute of Westchester or schedule through the online system.

Spider veins are tiny blue, red, or purple lines on your skin. The veins are flat and usually appear on your legs, but they can also show up elsewhere. 

Spider veins typically signal a problem with the normal functioning of your vein. In some cases, spider veins form when one of the valves inside your veins doesn’t close properly. This causes blood to leak, pool, and become stuck in your vein. If your spider veins aren’t properly treated, they can exert enough pressure to weaken your vein walls. This can allow the spider veins to grow larger and spread.

Spider veins can turn into varicose veins in some cases — large, twisted, and more bulbous-looking veins. Varicose veins usually have a rope-like appearance underneath your skin and can be painful at times, but spider veins don’t typically cause any discomfort or pain.

What causes spider veins?

It isn’t exactly clear what causes spider veins. Most experts look at the hormonal disruption and certain hormonal factors. This might explain why spider veins most commonly show up in women, especially during pregnancy.

Other contributing factors or reasons for spider veins include:

  • Hormonal therapy or birth control
  • A history of blood clots
  • Obesity
  • Aging
  • Family history

If you have a job that requires lots of standing, such as a hairstylist or factory worker, this can also increase your chances of developing spider veins.

How are spider veins treated?

To treat your spider veins, Dr. Gioscia might recommend certain effective treatment methods, such as sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments.

Sclerotherapy is a common treatment where Dr. Gioscia injects your problem veins with a saline solution or a special foam medicine. The solution irritates the vein and causes it to swell, and the vein eventually collapses. Over time, the vein closes down and your blood flow is rerouted to surrounding vessels. Your body’s natural lymphatic system gets rid of the damaged vein over time.

Dr. Gioscia also uses the Cutera® Nd: YAG laser system that delivers safe and controlled laser energy to create heat and close and shrink your vein. Scar tissue forms and your vein seals off. Your blood reroutes through nearby veins.

If you’re unhappy with spider veins, why not get rid of them with some of the latest advanced cosmetic and vascular technologies and treatments? Click or call Vein Institute of Westchester today.



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