In an upcoming article, in a major Westchester magazine interview, Dr. Michael Gioscia was asked what is unique to his approach to treating veins. Distinguishing himself from virtually every other vein treatment center in the area as an individual physician with Vascular Fellowship training and Board Certification in Surgery coupled with 25 years experience in treating all venous disorders, the answer was quite obvious.

Simply put, Dr. Gioscia has the expertise and training as well as over two decades presence in the Westchester area because he has personally treated thousands of satisfied patients, performing all diagnostic tests and procedures himself. This level of individualized care by a physician is unparalleled in this field.

Recently, it has become more and more common for “Vein Treatment Centers” to spring up in multiple locations due to the the assistance of significant financial backing, marketing strategies, and the claim of expertise in this rapidly growing specialty.

Unfortunately, the majority of these facilities take physicians from other medical fields, put them through brief training periods and acquaintances with the complexities of venous conditions, both medical and cosmetic, and declare them “experts”. Many such institutions also utilize non-physician practitioners to perform treatments that require years of experience to perfect. The treatment of venous conditions requires both a science and an artistic approach, because the final outcome is not just to relieve symptoms, but to create an aesthetically pleasing result.

Dr Gioscia’s referral pattern through friends, family members, coworkers, etc, all of whom have been prior patients, is an attestation to his talent.



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