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Michael F. Gioscia, MD FACS, ABVLM

The impressive ClariVein® system combines two approaches to get rid of your unwanted veins: mechanical destruction of the vein and a special sclerosing agent. At Vein Institute of Westchester, located in West Harrison, New York, experienced vascular surgeon and specialist Michael Gioscia, MD, provides ClariVein to give you a quick and convenient way to say goodbye to unwanted veins and improve your vascular health. The ClariVein procedure can typically be completed in just 30 minutes in-office. Click or call the Vein Institute of Westchester today.

Vascular Surgeon & Vein Specialist located in West Harrison, NY

ClariVein is a highly effective vein removal treatment that merges two approaches: a sclerosing agent and mechanical destruction of the vein. ClariVein is a specially designed infusion catheter with a rotating wire tip for 360-degree dispersion of the sclerosing agent.

ClariVein is a great treatment for venous insufficiency and venous reflux.

During your personal consultation. Dr. Gioscia explains the ClariVein procedure in detail so you know what to expect, feel more prepared, and have time to ask questions. Dr. Gioscia can help you decide if ClariVein is a good choice for you.

How does ClariVein® work?

ClariVein allows Dr. Gioscia to permanently seal even larger varicose veins through a tiny needle puncture without any incisions. 

ClariVein is usually performed in-office using a local anesthetic with ultrasound visualization of your veins. Dr. Gioscia uses the ClariVein catheter to provide mechanochemical ablation, chemically assisted vein closure (MOCA). 

Dr. Gioscia temporarily inserts the slim, thin catheter (tube) into your vein through a pin-sized entrance point. ClariVein is several times smaller than many other devices.

ClariVein involves the use of a special catheter with a rotating tip and sclerosing agents or special medicines to close your varicose vein so that blood naturally takes an alternate path and reroutes through healthier veins.

What are the benefits of ClariVein®?

Vein Institute of Westchester offers ClariVein due to the many benefits. ClariVein can permanently seal your vein and address your cosmetic and functional concerns associated with varicose veins, such as pain and swelling.

Vein stripping and traditional surgical vein removal methods were performed in the operating room and involved much more extensive procedures with longer recovery time. ClariVein is a simple in-office procedure that usually takes 30 minutes or less.

Other benefits include:

  • Little to no discomfort during the procedure
  • No post-procedure pain or bruising
  • Typically no downtime
  • Quick recovery and clinically-proven successful
  • No large incisions 
  • Precise treatment that prevents ancillary damage to surrounding nerves and tissues

To inquire about ClariVein and how it can transform the look of your skin and legs and enhance your circulatory health, call Vein Institute of Westchester or schedule via the web.



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