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At the April 2018 International Vein Symposium, Dr. Michael Gioscia joined French colleagues Dr. Paul Pittaluga and Sylvian Chastnet of The Riviera Vein Institute to discuss the latest trends of the vein treatment industry. Particularly, they discussed a new “fad” of vein institutes that are drawing in patients with massive marketing tactics, but in reality lack the proper experience and trained personnel to treat venous conditions.

The doctors, who have a combined experience of 75 years and a multitude of resources to draw from in their careers, will soon start working with other physicians by putting them through a training program to set the standard for excellent in their vein treatment plans. Dr. Gioscia, Pittaluga and Chastnet all agree that the main focus should be on individualized care tailored to each patients unique needs, rather than a standard, bundled regimen.

Additionally, the AMA CPT Review Panel has also just approved Dr. Gioscia to begin a new procedure to treat varicose veins. Dr. Gioscia worked directly with a company in Belgium to modify the device and perfect the procedure. He successfully treated multiple patients with a new, minimally invasive and regulatory improved technique that he brought back to the states and will begin training other professionals on. With the new procedure, Dr. Gioscia has also developed a database that compiles training and outcome information, geared to establish the short and long term outcomes of this new procedure. Once the safety, efficiency and outcome is established, this new device will become part of standard patient care plans.

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